Material & Care

Sterling Silver

Just as many early cultures considered gold the metal of the sun, silver was thought to be the metal of the moon. Like the moon, silver is reflective in nature, and is said to have an innate ability to mirror one’s soul, bringing the wearer of silver jewelry a sense of self-awareness, calm and balance. Some have also believed that silver allows us to tap into the moon’s positive energy, protecting us from negativity.

Silver has long been thought of as the metal of emotions, love and healing. Its close ties to the moon are said to enhance its ability to foster loving relationships and lasting romance. Silver has been said to help the wearer lead a more spiritual life, and was commonly used by early civilizations where people lived in close harmony with the earth. Early Tibetan, Aztec and Native American cultures crafted silver jewelry set with gemstones and crystals, thereby resonating and strengthening the powerful healing and protective properties of each.

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do to keep your silver jewelry sparkling is to wipe each piece immediately after you take it off and then store it properly.

However silver naturally tarnishes over time when its worn and exposed to the elements. Should your piece become to vintage for your tastes here's a home remedy for a fast polish.

  • Make a paste with a tea spoon of baking soda and a few drops of water or use a natural toothpaste.
  • Take a qtip or cloth, dip into paste and scrub blackened areas to desired shine.
  • Rinse under warm running water. Use a sponge or soft bristle toothbrush to get the harder to reach places like engravings.
  • Please cover your drain before handling jewelry over the sink


The color of wealth, success and status. The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. ... At the uppermost level, this is a color which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

As a transitional metal, gold is symbolic of flexibility on our spiritual path while life experience galvanizes our faith.One of the more valued elements, gold represents perfection in all matter, on any level. It also symbolizes humankind’s quest to perfect, illuminate and refine his/herself.Because of its resistance to heat and acid, gold is a symbol of immutability, eternity and perfection.The infamous legend of alchemists turning common metals into gold is actually a parable for the human quest to change base vulgarities like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compassion through the process of self-purification.  Ergo, gold is symbolic of this transition of the soul

This precious metal doesn't react with the elements. Though it will eventually lose its initial sheen and acquire a more matte finish. Some prefer that worn vintage look. If you would like to restore that shine try this at home.

  • Soak jewelry in warm soapy water for a few minutes.
  • Using a soft bristle toothbrush and a firm grip on your jewelry, gently scrub the piece.
  • Rinse under warm running water. 
  • Please cover your drain before handling jewelry over the sink

Brass & Bronze

In spiritual and metaphysical traditions Brass is the metal that brings out natural good and inner truth. Even the phrase 'getting down to brass tacks' tells of clearing away the old debris and getting down to the pure and natural truth.

It is a symbol of insensibility and obstinacy (brazen) in sin and of strength. The Macedonian empire believed it to represent the immutable decrees of God.

The best way to keep take care of your Brass/Bronze jewelry is to avoid getting moisture on the metal. However if your pieces have tarnished the dark material is easy to remove with a polishing cloth which can be found at any local craft stores. Professional brass and bronze cleaner can also be found at any hardware store.